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Tools & Resources

SRA Irrigation of Sugarcane Manual
Sugar Research Australia (SRA)

A comprehensive manual addressing irrigation, water quality, soil, irrigation systems, irrigation scheduling, improving irrigation efficiencies, drainage, economics and technical information.

Project Catalyst: Legume fallow - Proserpine 2020
Catchment Solutions

Project Catalyst growers worked with economists from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to identify costs and benefits of their trials. In this study, Frank Clayton and Farmacist trialled a low-cost legume versus bare fallow strategy.

Case study
Mixed Species Fallow Cropping

Air seeder, tech adoption & machinery adaptation for mixed species fallow cropping.

Farm Economic Analysis Tool (FEAT)

FEAT is a free online tool that evaluates the impact of farm management decisions.

Harvest Mate app

Harvest Mate is a new harvesting decision support tool.

Basic gross margin comparison calculator
Sugar Research Australia (SRA)

This calculator aims to assist in comparing the gross margins of two different practices in an on-farm demonstration.

Precision Planter for Loan
Sugar Research Australia (SRA)

SRA Mackay is supporting growers to trial growing complementary fallow crop soybeans using the SRA Precision Planter. The planter can plant through a trash blanket and cultivated ground. To trial the precision planter contact: Stephanie Duncan 0459 863 298 or Dylan Wedel 0490 029 387

Moisture probe for loan
Sugar Research Australia (SRA)

Improving Irrigation for growers in Mackay, Plane Creek and Proserpine. To trial the moisture probe contact: Stephanie Duncan 0459 863 298 or Dylan Wedel 0490 029 387


SRA’s is a great starting point for calculating if your farm’s irrigation is profitable.