Elevating cane farming through sustainable practices

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Welcome to CaneRise

Want to make practice improvements and try new things? There is a range of support available for cane growers in the Mackay Whitsunday region.

CaneRise Mackay Whitsunday is here to help you grow productivity and profits through sustainable practices. It’s a central place to find current projects and local support, tools and resources and funding opportunities.

“As for all farmers, we’re always experimenting, modifying things and doing things differently. We want this country to be better than what we came into it.”

Ron Gurnett, Cane grower

Latest articles

Words of wisdom from a thriving cane farm
March 15, 2024

There’s a lot of cane on Scott McLean’s cane farm of course. But oats, soy, sorghum, cattle, or even flourishing birdlife isn’t out of the ordinary either. It’s all part of Scott’s holistic approach to farming, which sees him taking some big steps back to look at the whole picture of his farm, then zoom in on the details to identify where he can make an impact.

Keeping innovative cane farming in the family
December 5, 2023

Bessie Orr and her husband Sam, generational farmers, blend traditional knowledge with innovative techniques in irrigation, productivity, weather monitoring, and nutrient management to advance sustainable farming practices and support their community.

Bill's innovative cane farming methods boost yields and help the environment
October 31, 2023

Bill MacDonald, an experienced cane grower, has successfully increased production and improved environmental stewardship through innovative mound planting techniques, cost-effective modifications to equipment, and active participation in promoting best management practices within the sugar industry.

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