LAND (Local Area Nutrient Datahub)

LiquaForce has developed a Local Area Nutrient Datahub (LAND) to provide accessible and actionable data for growers to increase the productivity and sustainability of their farms. LAND produces a Six Easy Steps nutrient management plan that is tailored to their region and to their specific farm, paddock, and soil lab data inputs.

Growers will have data at their fingertips via the LAND Grower App and will receive additional agronomic support, including optimised nutrient management plans and advice on sustainable farm management. LAND also provides secure, private, digital storage of farm, soil and production data so that growers can easily monitor their crop health and financial performance over time.

This will help to increase growers’ understanding of underlying agronomic issues and solutions suitable for their farms, resulting in farm productivity gains and water quality improvement outcomes.

Water Quality Monitoring Factsheet

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