Cane to Creek

Sugar Research Australia is working with growers to help them develop a better understanding of the cause and effect of different nutrient and pesticide management decisions on block runoff and water quality at the farm level. For example, management decisions may relate to the choice of herbicide product or timing of application.

This brings the cause and effect back to farm level, builds growers’ knowledge of management practices tailored to their farm, and increased stewardship of the land and waterways.

The project’s methodology aims to accelerate the adoption of improved nutrient and pesticide management strategies, which have shown can reduce nitrogen and pesticide loads in runoff water.

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Sugar Research Australia (SRA)

Sugar Research Australia (SRA) is Australia’s specialist sugarcane research organisation. We invest in evidence-based research, development and adoption (RD&A) activities on behalf of sugarcane growers and millers to meet industry challenges and opportunities.

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SRA Cane to Creek Whitsunday Project

Project Officers discussing the purpose and aims of SRA’s Cane to Creek Mackay Whitsunday project (funded by Great Barrier Reef Foundation), and highlighting the features of the equipment used to collect water samples in the paddock during rain events where runoff occurs.