Reef Catchments Major Grants

Major grants were made available to growers actively engaged with program delivery partners and who demonstrated a clear impact on water quality through dissolved inorganic nutrient and/or pesticide reduction as measured by the Paddock to Reef Projector tool. Participating growers were expected to match or exceed the grant amount with their own cash contributions. The grants are managed and monitored by delivery providers under contract with the Great Barrier Reef foundation.

Sandiford Case Study

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Lisa Bastedo | Project Officer - Major Grants
P: (07) 4968 4200 | M: 0429 194 111


Reef Catchments

Reef Catchments are the Natural Resource Management (NRM) group for the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region.

They facilitate change and work for long-term solutions to sustain, protect, and improve our region’s natural resources and environment, now and into the future.

Their team is comprised of skilled and outcome-focused people who are all dedicated to looking after the environment in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region.

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